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India is at 87th position in the list of 178 countries as far as corruption is concerned in Transparency international’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). It includes both political and bureaucratic corruptions. Transparency International has estimated the annual worth of great Indian corruption market is US$5 billion. And 75% of them are corruptions made by politicians. That is the reason why we live in a rich country but we are poor.

corruption-in-politicsThe list of political corruptions/scandals after the independence is huge in number. From 1947-1980, the major political scandals are1971 Nagarwala scandal, Bitumen scam Churhat lottery scam, Tansi land deal and Urea scam. Between 1980and 2000, there were some major corruptions done by politicians and the impact of these scams were so powerful that several governments collapsed due to it. Some of them are Bofors Scandal, Telecom scam, JMM Bribery Scandal, Fodder scam, St Kitts case and Hawala scandal. Rajiv Gandhi’s “Mr. Clean” Image got tarnished in the Bofors scam and he lost 1989 elections. Though, P.V Narasingh Rao is considered as the father of liberalized Indian economy, he had to lose 1996 election due to scams only. In 1996, Lalu Prasad Yadav was forced to leave the chief minister post of Bihar after the insurgence of fodder scam. The major political scams of this decade are Taj corridor case, Oil-for-food program scam, and Cash-for-votes scandal, money laundering above Rs. 4000 crores by Madhu Koda, Ex-chief Minister of Jharkhand and 3G scam.

Reasons behind increasing political scams in India

  • In India, the election is not state funded. Now days cost of winning elections are beyond imagination. This is one of the major reasons behind political corruptions.
  • Inactive use of Right to information Act by Indian citizens is encouraging politicians to do corruption in a fearless manner.
  • Pressure of coalition government is preventing the Prime Minister or Chief Minister to take any stern action against a corrupted politician or minister.
  • All the anti-corruption wings are under direct control of Government. Hence, ministers and politicians get an easy way to escape from the charges by pressurizing the Investigation  agency.
  • Whistle- blowing activities and private sector initiatives against corruption are at their infancy stage in India.

I have mentioned above all the reasons of rising corruption in Indian Politics. Now readers you suggest  India all  solutions for removing corruption and greed from Indian Politics.

How can we remove corruption from India ?

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  1. Reply omar Dec 4,2010 8:15 am

    I may add another reason for growing corruption, the attitude of common people who are not equipped, even though they wish to protect the morality and virtues, to stand against the the correpted leaders and their organisations.The commercalised political and other NGO associations are also indirectly supporting such leaders and their organisiations for certain ulterior interests and motives.These leaders and organisations are suceccful in demolishing the common plight of public morality and tries to deteriorate the morality of social structure.To get the triumph in a competition, the average mind of present indian society has now reached to the jestified level for openly eating the public fund as deviation from secret eating that existed before.

  2. Reply Pragnan Aug 19,2011 9:49 am

    The Lokpal bill perhaps demands some major constitutional reforms which makes it impractical in current situations. A comprehensive long term plan which empowers the present government machinery i.e. C.V.C, C.A.G and Tribunals etc., to fight corruption in a full proof manner is presented here. Ethical education being an important part of character building can build a strong anti-corruption immune power among those who wish to be a part of government. The proposal plans the establishment of a National University which would impart righteous education on politics and ethical practices. An outline of the proposal has been stated below.

  3. Reply jai Sep 6,2011 5:43 pm

    strict punishments should be given to corrupting peoples and those who help them.

  4. Reply Dipak Kumar Adhikari Apr 24,2012 8:16 am

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    Any body fight against corruption they/he can not win, I am 100% sure, because I have lots of evidence that I have evidence (OC, SP, addl. SP, Police Department. Some government employee) are take bribe/they are corrupted.
    I screw up my courage to place my grievances to every body in order to get redress. So I wrote my matter to our local P.S., S.P. and Dy.S.P.(N.) 24 Parganas, DGP Bhupindar Singh, All the I.P.S. AND I.A.S. OFFICERS, All DGPs/IGPs. Kolkata Police, and all police officers in W.B. informed Kolkata Commissioner of Police. CBI Department, CID Department, (CID DIG). Local Councilor, all M.P., M.L.A., Minister in W.B. and Other States, Former C.M. in W.B. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Mamata Banerjee, (DIDI). Election Commission of India. All Indian Union Minister, UPA Chairperson- Sonia Gandhi, Governor in W.B, and President in India 49TH times. P.M. in India, National/International Human rights department (Justice Shymal Kumar Sen, Chairperson W.B.), Department of Women and Child Rights Development, NCW (National Women Commission), All District Magistrate, Ld. Calcutta High Court, and others state high Court, Ld. Supreme court of India, all the Ld. CJM in our country India. Law Minister, Public Grievances Commission, Central Information Commission, Women Commission Govt. Of W.B. File no.: KGM/11(40), RTI , AAP KI KACHEHRI – KIRAN KE SAATH, Manager S.B.I.-Branch: 24B, Nimtala Ghat Street, Jorabagan, Kolkata- 700006, West Bengal, India‎, Bank Ph. No. 033 25308337. My nation, all of the news channels, and all press, The Central Vigilance Commission, President of the United States, Association For Press and print media, Protection of Democratic Right (APDR), Talking with some NGO’s: But still now not fight for truth /don’t take investigation/do not take any action/don’t take any type of query/ Still Now, many department told does not comes under the purview of our department. Then my question is where I go now? I see they all are in sound asleep. The reason is best known to them.
    With kindest regards,
    Dipak Kumar Adhikari
    Tegharia(Dhali Para),NandanKanan. P.S.: Baguiati. P.O.: Hatiara. Dist.: North24Parganas.
    Kolkata-700059 Email:
    W.B. India. PH. 9874389190

  5. Reply Ramsagar sharma Apr 24,2012 8:47 am

    i think the main reason of corruption is the illiteracy in India. the education system is not good. people are unaware of their rights.

  6. Reply brunda.s Nov 2,2014 9:51 am

    i also think that there is no proper leader to make the common people to understand how they are being cheated by corruption and bribery. we all know that by the evil called corruption we the common people are affected. as a individual if one makes up the courage in his or her heart that even if the work is being delayed a bit they will get the work done in a sincere manner but not by bribing………..
    another thing is that which ever protests or any kind of bills or laws that is being passed is taken very light by the corrupts because these bill are not that strong that they can make INDIA corruption free and more over the as per the rules regulations and the punishments that is mentioned in the law or bill that is passed has no value at all…. e.g THE JAN LOKPAL BILL

  7. Reply shweta Tyagi Feb 1,2015 11:09 am

    I think the main reason of corruption is the low job opportunities, lack of unity in public, lack of independent detective agency etc…

  8. Reply Chitra Lekha Jun 1,2015 10:02 am

    Indian scientist’s salary is $ 646 and government engineer salary is around 462 dollars and Reserve Bank of India’s governor earns $2077 and we still leads the race in developing country.Welcome to India..!!

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