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India, a country with a culture having more than ten thousand years has enriched the global scientific, educational, economic and cultural scenario significantly. That is the reason why mark Twain has stated “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition.” Being born in such a great country, you have millions of reasons to feel proud as an Indian.  Some of them are :

1.  When the residents of today’s developed nations were living as nomadic forest dwellers, we the Indians, set up Harappa civilization, the first planned city of the world.

2.  First university of the world was established in Nalanda (in Modern Bihar) in the year 700BC. More than 60 subjects were taught here to near about 10,500 students who came from different parts of the world.

3.  We have never invaded any country in the entire history of 5000 years. Rather, Buddha and Gandhi taught the world the power of non-violence and truth. Recently, American president Barak Obama has openly admitted that Gandhi is an ideal for him.

Proud to be Indian
Image courtesy Flickr/Annechira Shivakumar

4.  Till 1896, India was the only known source of diamond in the world. Tremendous wealth of India attracted several invaders and traders. Till the invasion of British East India Company, India was the richest country of the world.

5.  Number system is the greatest contribution of India to science in general and mathematics in particular. Indian Mathematician Aryabhatta invented zero. Bhaskaracharya, in fifth century, calculated the time taken by earth to rotate around sun exactly. Budhayana calculated the value of pi. Algebra, trigonometry and calculus had their origin India during sixth century.

6.  Ayurveda, the earliest school of medicine has its origin in India. Surgery was done for the first time India by Sushrut a 2600 years back.

7.  India taught the art of navigation to the world on River Sind 6000 years back. Proof to it is the derivation of the very word navigation from NAVGATIH (a Sanskrit word).

8.  According to prominent linguistics, Sanskrit is the mother of all European languages. Forbes magazine has rated Sanskrit as the most suitable language for software applications.

I am Proud to be an Indian !

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  1. Reply Subhadra Dec 30,2010 12:18 pm

    Yes, I am a proud Indian. I was born in America and didn’t visit India until I was 21.

    I love My India.

    I love My Indian heritage, Indian culture and customs and traditions have served us well and kept us strong!

    Going 2 India for the first time was a shock, but a pleasant one, seeing the worst and the best of the country made me very proud Indian,proud of our Indian people’s incredible ingenuity and resolve in the face of what seems impossible circumstances and hardship.

    For that I am incredibly proud of who I am and where I come from and cannot wait to return 2 India.

    I love You India.
    I am proud to be Indian.
    Jai Hind

  2. Reply Geeta Pasricha Dec 30,2010 12:25 pm

    I grew up in Bharat , in quite a westernized but very Patriotic family. I always knew I was proud to be Indian. I didn’t know why until I started university in UK. I had always wondered at the vast numbers of non resident Indians our country produces, now more than ever I still wonder. We have a population of over 12 million. My city alone has a population around 5 million. My local grocery store guy still recognizes me.I love the fact that things are quirky, they seem more real to me, everything maybe prefect here and I still wait until I can come home. I even miss powecuts. I miss the silence and the darkness which accompanies it. I miss seeing life and color.

    But I want to see India as a developed country with same culture and traditions. I do want India to improve. I want corruption and poverty and illiteracy to be removed. I want it to be scrubbed clean. But most of all I don’t want it to become a copy of the west. I don’t want it to lose its soul. India is great and I love India too Much.

    God bless you !!

    Jai Hind !!

    • Reply githin s mohan Aug 13,2011 7:50 am

      hai…geeta…its really pleasant 2 hear that someone far from her home town and living a sofsticated life in U.K still misses her home land and most all patriotic. i c my frnds newer realize our vast tradition and our diversity which makes unique from all other…..the day is not far when v will be the “super power” and will be respected and honoured by all means…..

    • Reply Sudhin Oct 9,2012 10:48 am

      Geetha, I loved your comment. same here. Ive studied in the UK and work outside India. Always thought the west was better, But truly after living here, even with all our shortcomings. i love our country. want it to prosper but not loose its soul. I love my India always. Jai Hind!

  3. Reply Gaurav Mar 31,2011 12:52 pm

    What makes me Feel proud to be an Indian and India special to me is the fact that despite our massive diversity, we have still held on to the greatest civil purpose of ‘humanity first’.

    India is great !! Jai Hind !

  4. Reply Journalism and Media Expert Jun 24,2011 11:28 am

    Wow. Reading all that really made me feel proud to be an Indian.

  5. Reply SATHISH KUMAR M Jun 30,2011 12:53 pm


  6. Reply Aryabhatta Nov 4,2011 7:44 am

    I have read some excellent stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you set to make this type of great informative website.

  7. Reply VIJAY May 13,2012 7:04 am

    proud to be indian reading all comments i salute all and each indian as each r valuable and we will make our nation clean and developed as before lets take oath and move forward its not far BE INDIAN BUY INDIAN

  8. Reply Akhila Aug 14,2012 1:48 pm

    I have always been proud of being an Indian. Reading the article really makes me even more proud. This article also helped me with my speech competition on independence day!

  9. Reply Manish Aug 15,2012 3:36 am

    I am pure Indian,in the seance born in India, study in India play in India, every thing in India only…..I am proud to be Indian…………and i am much more proud i belong to army family ..i love my father and India ……Jai hind hai Bharat

  10. Reply Niraj Mohan Nambiar Jan 9,2013 4:00 pm

    I am proud to be an indian .I am proud of my Country because its Rich Tradition,Heritage that we have.
    I respect all our past freedom fighters .it is due to their hard work that we are now enjoying freedom.

    There is a lot to write if I have to describe my Love and the feelings that I have towards my country, But at times you fall short of words.

    I will conclude saying that My love towards this country is as much as my love towards my Family and I am Proud to be born in this Country and will always be commited towards the Progress and wellbeing of my country

  11. Reply Sandiras Jan 22,2013 8:26 pm

    Nice comments but unfortunately we cross the world with worries.

    India is blamed for its corruption. Awaiting security, Children and aged people live with fear.
    Indian money has no value abroad. You are proud to be an Indian but you prefer imported goods. You love India but prefer to be settled down away from that soil. Foreign embassies hunt us from their administrative centers.

    Please, improve your constitution to be better than others.

    Good Luck,

  12. Reply Jin Shah Aug 14,2013 6:56 pm

    Dear Sandiras,
    if we Indians weren’t der in your countries you probably would have a way waiting for your extinction .
    We made you what you’re today.
    our Scientists n engineers are capable to through you out from you peace shells, we r d third largest military power in world not you,
    our constitution is d largest constitution on globe ,
    And about d constitution
    We come from a nation where we aIIow
    a Iady of CathoIic origin…
    to step aside for a Sikh
    to be sworn in as Prime Minister…
    to a MusIim President to govern
    a nation of over 80 percent Hindus.
    It may aIso interest you
    to know that…
    We have 5600 newspapers…
    magazines in over twenty-one
    different Ianguages…
    with a combined readership
    of over 120 miIIion.
    We have reached the moon and back,
    but yet…
    you people still feel that we’ve onIy
    reached as far as the Indian rope trick
    We are the third largest pool in the word
    of doctors, engineers
    and scientists.
    we don’t beIieve we are
    above or beneath any individuaI.
    Let the world know
    what we stand for.
    There are 3.22 Million
    Indians in America.
    38% of Doctors in America
    are Indians.
    12% of Scientists in
    America are Indians.
    36% of NASA employees are
    34% of MICROSOFT
    employees are Indians.
    28% of IBM employees are
    17% of INTEL employees
    are Indians.
    13% of XEROX employees
    are Indians.
    You may know some of
    these facts. These
    facts were recently
    published in a German
    Magazine, which deals
    India never invaded any
    country in her last
    100000 years of history.
    India invented the Number
    Albert Einstein said: We
    owe a lot to the
    Indians, who taught us how
    to count, without
    which no worthwhile
    scientific discovery could
    have been made.
    Mark Twain said: India is
    the cradle of the
    human race, the birthplace
    of human speech, the mother
    of history, the grandmother
    of legend, and the great
    grand mother of tradition.
    Our most valuable and most
    structive materials in the
    history of man are treasured
    up in India only.
    French scholar Romain
    Rolland said: If there is
    one place on the face of
    earth where all
    the dreams of living men
    have found a home from
    the very earliest days when
    man began the dream
    of existence, it is India.
    Hu Shih, former
    Ambassador of China to USA said:
    India conquered And
    dominated China culturally
    for 20 centuries without
    ever having to send a single
    soldier across her border.

    All the above is just the TIP
    of the iceberg, the
    list could be endless. BUT,
    if we don’t see even a
    glimpse of that great India
    in the India That we see
    today, it
    clearly means that we are
    not working up to our
    Potential and that if we do,
    we could once
    again; be an ever shining
    and Inspiring country
    setting a bright path for rest
    of the world to follow.
    I Hope you enjoyed it

  13. Reply Shubham Aug 30,2013 5:09 pm

    Guys…only commenting after reading it is not enough…we must do something for our country so dat bharat maata can feel proud of us….

  14. Reply Arjun Bajpai Dec 2,2013 1:03 pm

    I love my India
    Jai hind!!

  15. Reply Allen Anu Jan 12,2014 3:39 am

    I love my country and I am proud to be an Indian
    Jai HInd!!!!!

  16. Reply Allen Jan 12,2014 3:46 am

    I love my country and Iam proud to be an Indian

  17. Reply Christin Jan 12,2014 3:59 am

    India is the greatest country that I have ever been to. Beautiful Country!

  18. Reply Sanjay Singh Dec 16,2014 10:44 am

    why I am a proud indian

    When we greet one another,we foId our hands in namastey…
    because we beIieve that God resides in the heart
    of every human being.

    We come from a nation where we aIIow
    a Tea Vender to be sworn in as Prime Minister..
    It may aIso interest  to know that
    many of the origins to English words come from Sanskrit.

    For exampIe,
    maatr becomes mother bhratr becomes brother,
    giamiti becomes geometry trikonniti becomes trigonometry.

    We have 5600 newspapers.magazines in over twenty-one
    different Ianguages…with a combined readership
    of over 120 miIIion.

    We have reached the moon and back,but yet.people still feel that we’ve onIy reached as far as the Indian rope trick
    we are the first country in world to reached mars in first attempt

    We are the third largest pool in the word of doctors, engineers
    and scientists.we have the third Iargest army in the worId.

    we the Indians, set up Harappa civilization, the first planned
    city of the world.we are the most youngest country in
    the world were 65% of its population below 35 years of age.

    And even then, we foId our hands in humiIity before everyone
    because we don’t beIieve we are above or beneath any individuaI.

  19. Reply sangvi Feb 6,2015 5:10 pm

    east is west India is a best. I love my country

  20. Reply tunna sethi Apr 9,2015 10:53 am

    I am proud to be Indian i love my India

    jai hind

  21. Reply kiran Apr 14,2015 11:51 am

    I love India …. Do you love me

  22. Reply Neha Bhardwaj May 14,2015 7:57 am

    India loves everyone, Indians care for Everyone and live with affection. In today’s world of selfishness, we Indians respect everyone be it – elders, Nature ,Animals or human beings. We consider all lives sacred.I feel extremely proud to be an Indian and lucky that I’m born Bharatiya.

  23. Reply geetu Mishra May 14,2015 12:57 pm

    What’s up everyone, it’s my first visit at this website. I am proud to be Indian. India is the only country which has different religions, over 17 hundred languages, amazingly different cultures and societies, which together form one nation – One India.India is the perfect example of ‘Unity is Strength’ and ‘Unity in Diversity’. I love India.

  24. Reply Maheshwari Gupta May 29,2015 4:33 am

    What makes me proud is despite so many flaws in our developing nation, we Proud Indians love india too much , we still have men who have given up everything to protect the nation since the independence, the borders as well as the mainland. I am Proud to be an Indian. We Indians don’t need any reason to love our motherland. We are Indian , Proud Indians !

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