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Let’s start it from the famous quote of Khuswant Singh,  “A bad government is a government elected by good people who do not vote” And, as far as all the elections fought in independent India, statistics reveal that youths constitute the major part (more than 57%) of the people who do not vote. If the people who have education, mental ability to understand government policies, figure out the loopholes and capability of taking a more rational decision will not vote, then fate of any democracy can be forecasted easily. However, the trend started changing after 2004 with emergence of young leaders and awareness of educated mass regarding the importance of their vote. In this write up, we will discuss role and presence of Indian youth on two aspects. They are

Politics is not a family business

Any young leader should not be given party ticket or ministerial berth only because he/she is a Gandhi, Pawar, Sindhia, Abdulla , sangma , pilot or Sayid. They need to prove their credibility as a leader first. It’s a fact that every society needs a dynamic  leader because people cannot lead themselves. Do the emerging youth icons have the capability to judge the exact demand and requirements of the common mass? Or, they have simply become leaders because he/she is son/daughter of an ex or sitting prime minister/chief minister or any person who has a significant stake in corridors of power. If the youth leader comes from the second category, then we are leading towards a bleaker future. Everyone in this country has the right to contest elections and take active part in Indian politics. But, this role should be completely circled around the person’s capability as politics is not a family business.


Involvement of Indian youth from grass root

Youth leaders should not be imposed on people. Rather, they should be figured out from the grass root level and groomed up. India is a land of million hidden talents. All they need is a proper platform. If such a platform is given, it will not only attract more and more educated and professionals into politics but also strengthen the core value of the largest democracy of the world significantly.

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  1. Reply akash Jun 22,2011 7:48 am

    what are the orgaisations that provide a platform to get into politics and help get a change in our country?

    • Reply vivek patil Jul 9,2012 10:06 am

      a proper network of youth who are enthusiastic about our nation and willing to do something to make it a better place to live via active contribution, may help you getting involved in social affairs happening around us. then it’s up to you with whom you get into politics or you prefer to be independent.

  2. Reply shiva Oct 9,2011 2:43 pm

    most of the youth intrested in politics but dey dnt knw how to enter into dat so create one organization nd we can do..

  3. Reply vivek Nov 21,2011 12:02 pm

    yes,a very good question.i also want to know if there is such an organization that provides this platform.its really sad that after cracking even civil services exam(considered one of the toughest exams),we have to work under an uneducated ,illiterate ministers.

  4. Reply MONIKA Jan 21,2012 9:19 am


  5. Reply GAURAV Apr 12,2012 5:01 pm

    These politicians re sucking us.. We must raise our voice.. If we ignore that now. We will be completely dominated by them. Money deposited in forgien banks has to be brought bak to India. Then only India will be no more poor.
    i am happy that today Gandhi is not alive or he would have felt shame in calling himself a Indian shameless Indians…………….

  6. Reply Monica Jul 26,2012 5:07 pm

    There are a lot of youngsters who would like to lend a helping hand in the betterment of our Nation. Please post some information on how such individuals can become a part of the drive. Please provide some information on how one can become a part of the Change by becoming a part of Indian Youth Politics.

    • Reply Mihail Feb 5,2013 6:05 pm

      Hello Mike,Musical Legend A.R. Rahman has done INDIA proud. He is a musician par excellence. He is one of my favorite singers-songwriters. I admire her tremendously. ‘Vande Mataram’ is very very inspiring. It means a lot to us Indians. The song is basically a tribute to our motherland- India. It signifies patriotism and respect for India.JAI HIND!:)

  7. Reply naveen pareek Aug 12,2012 5:59 am

    today in Mumbai violence it is bad news. I want to say sum thing for this violence congress also say to responsible to CM of Mumbai not it is very very bad news only…
    similar situation in GUJARAT and all congress and another parsons say to MODIG.
    so next time not any congress say to this type language for vote. for say anything 2m think.

  8. Reply G.N.Kishor Kumar Oct 20,2012 6:17 am

    Sorry for commenting like this. The below is purely my personal opinion, please don’t get me wrong if I hurted any body. In Indian elections, how many of the polled votes were genuine, though educated and mentally stabled people were voted. The party which wants to win will commit for many malpractices like confusing the voters, rigging the polling booths, tampering EVMs, etc. The system will never be changed. If one wants to enjoy corruption less environment, he should switch to some other country, instead of trying to change the entire country’s system.

  9. Reply harshita varma Jan 11,2013 9:36 am

    but how guys…those who are interested in politics..kindly reply and lets stand together to submerge the loopholes and not be a mere spectator of what is going around in our country.

  10. Reply harshita varma Jan 11,2013 9:46 am

    let us make an independent party …prepare ourselves for election …and win it coz now-a-days voting percentage has declined because people dont have a choice whom to vote , if a true leader will stand , people will definitely vote…finally get into the parliament ..keep our points and get ready to broom our country.I live a dream of such a country where people have safety , humanity is reverend , no difference between rich and poor , no child labor(most important) , respect of elders and women , 100 % literacy and stringent law system..lets make one country , rest all problem will be automatically be solved.I am in and those who are with me , kindly reply…

  11. Reply hajra gupta Jan 28,2013 4:05 pm

    just by telling that v need to take action is not gonna bring results…thats d prob wid our youth…v always plan bigger things but do not try to achieve them,…n dats where our politicians strike in…dey plan smaller things that yield THEM bigger benefits n not d v must start from now…n all ppl commented above hav excellent views…respect their ppl….youth rockzz…..!!!!!!

  12. Reply pranav juneja Jun 26,2013 9:53 pm

    i m with u….bhagat singh ke sapno ka hindustan bnate hai….politics me ghuste hai sonia gandhi ke samne face to face

  13. Reply surbhi mehra Aug 22,2013 8:17 am

    its as simple as that if we wnt to clear and clean the dirty road we too have to go into the dirt and mud… first WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA should take some action….then the picture can somewat change

  14. Reply aswin Dec 12,2013 3:02 pm

    we are group of youngsters from chennai (tamil nadu)who wish to serve the nation politically , but we feel that we cant do any thing which is noticeable with our strength so we decided to add some service minded youngsters with us so if any one from chennai with same mind set join us & we can try to make a change

  15. Reply kp shetty Jan 11,2014 9:49 am

    change lies in education nationalism must be propagated..when i was young I have read names of British officers like LORD curson,LORD Mountbatten etc…what is this.. even aft independence we follow them in blind way…is lord curzon is equal to lord Krishna who we worship?? this looks simple..but its just an example..i have seen politicians calling Indian youths as YOUNG TURKS..ARE WE FROM TURKEY??

    NATIONALISM in only solution for ever existing problem which must be started from the root..

  16. Reply amith kashyap Dec 17,2014 7:38 pm

    I am having ideas ,but not having the rgt support,if the youth power is utilized properly then we can bring the change,any one who is ready to do anything for the nation,join me,give me support,let’s bring the change,email me if any people are interested.

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  18. Reply Tomar Jun 5,2015 12:29 am

    My partner and I stumbled over here by stumbleupon and thought I might as well check things out. I really Liked your website , we need to promote India ! You people are doing great Job! Proud to be an Indian!

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